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When Do Your Drains Need Cleaning?

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Keeping your drains clean is an important component of maintaining and caring for your plumbing system. Drains can get blocked up over time or become severely clogged, but the most essential thing to know is when they need to be cleaned. So, how can you know when it’s time to have your drains cleaned?

We’ve compiled a list of typical indicators that your drains require cleaning, as well as what you should do before our professional experts arrive.

Key Indicators Your Drains Need Cleaning

There are a number of clear indications that your drains need to be cleaned. The following are five of the most noticeable and prevalent signs:

Mould Close To Your Drains

Mould is a problem that no homeowner likes to deal with, and it’s no different when it occurs in and near drains. It is potentially harmful to your health as well as unattractive. Mould thrives in moist environments and might indicate a breach in your drain or sewage system. If you see mould around your drains, call our Penzance experts to inspect them.

Sinks & Appliances Keep Backing Up

The way drainage systems are installed into our homes means the water can only travel one way. Whether that is down the toilet or through the sink/ shower plug hole. However, this can often become backed up due to grease and other un desirable things in your drainage system, causing the water to no longer flow down the system.

This can unfortunately cause dirty water and sewage backup and flow back through plug holes. This can cause serious health risks and be very harmful which is why when this type of blockage occurs it’s vital you call our 24 hour emergency line so we can send a drain engineer out as soon as possible. This will mitigate the amount of damage caused to your property too.

The Smell Of Your Drains And Fixtures

The stench is easily one of the most apparent indicators of clogged or filthy drains. This sewage odour may be quite offensive and powerful, therefore it’s always better to get your drains cleaned and examined as soon as possible to guarantee that the noxious odour goes away. The odour is usually caused by a blockage in the sewage system, which releases poisonous gases. It’s critical to contact us as soon as possible so that we can unblock your drains professionally.

Contacting Our Expert Drain Engineers

Time is always of the essence with drain collapses or blockages in order to mitigate the amount of damage caused to your property. Once you have contacted our professional team of drain engineers, you may need to prep the area in your home for them to be able to work quickly.

As specialists in drain unblocking & engineering, our team will inspect the issue thoroughly using the latest equipment. This will include high definition CCTV equipment, high powered jet washers and more technical equipment to combat blocked drains. This allows us to detect and remove blockages that often nobody knows about.

When visiting your property, for us to be able to work fast and efficiently, it may be best for you to prepare the area as much as possible.

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Clear Anything From The Access Point

We realise that people keep things near to their kitchen sinks and drainage areas, which is why we ask that you make room for our specialists to enter and check around.

It’s vital to provide ample space around your drains as well as around entry points in your house. Large pieces of equipment that must be positioned near drain holes are frequently used.

If Other Issues Arise, Be Prepared

blocked drain leaking

When examining your drains, our expert engineers may discover concerns that you were unaware of, such as damaged systems or leaks. This might indicate that more than a simple drain unblocking is necessary.

Our knowledgeable staff will advise you on the best solutions for your circumstance, ensuring that you are left with drains that function properly and are free of problems.

Contact Us About Drain Unblocking Services In Plymouth

For drain unblocking in Plymouth and the surrounding area, contact our team of expert drain engineers. Equipped with the latest technology and expertise, our team is able to efficiently identify and fix any issues that may arise with your drains.

If you require emergency drain services, we have engineers on call 24/7 so don’t hesitate to call us if your drains become blocked, anytime, any day.

Contact Drain & Tank Engineering


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