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Drain & Tank Engineering Ltd specialise in the maintenance and emptying of septic tanks in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall. Our team of professional engineers can install, empty, repair and clean septic tanks at competitive prices. To book an engineer or arrange a no-obligation estimate, please get in touch.

Septic Tanks With Pumps - Repairs & Restoration

As septic tanks are buried underground, it can be difficult to know if and when they are faulty. Tell-tale signs that can indicate you need repairs include:

  • Wastewater backing up into the property
  • Spongy ground around the tank
  • Very green grass growing above the tank
  • Foul odours

If wastewater is backing up through the pipes into your home or business this could indicate that your tank is overfilled. Alternatively, it could be down to a blocked pipe. Pipes can easily get blocked if material such as wet wipes or sanitary products are flushed away.

Spongy patches and lush green grass in the ground around the tank can indicate that your tank has a leak. A leak could occur for various reasons such as deterioration of the tank or damage from root ingress. You may also notice a foul odour which is a significant indicator that your septic tank is faulty and needs inspecting by a professional. 

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Tank Emptying

It is important to arrange septic tank emptying regularly to ensure your sewage system functions as it should. A septic tank works by separating the water from the solid waste and it is only the wastewater that escapes into the drainage field or soakaway system. When your tank is emptied a long hose is inserted into the tank which sucks up the solids into our specialist tankers. To book tank emptying in Plymouth, Devon or Cornwall, get in touch with the team.

Drain cleaning services

Septic Tank Cleaning

Septic tank pumping is recommended annually. If the tank is not emptied annually it can cause the soakaway to fail and a new soakaway will need to be installed. 

Regular pumping of your tank will keep it functioning as it should. In addition, it will avoid problems such as foul waste backing up through pipes into your property. It will also prevent overflow, which if happens, can pose a pollution risk to local watercourses, not to mention cause unpleasant odours around your home.

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Cesspit Jetting

Our team also provide cesspit and septic tank jetting. Jetting will thoroughly clean the inside of your tank. It will also dislodge blocked waste from pipes to ensure the pipes are free from blockages.

Frequently Asked Questions

With regular pumping and proper waste disposal, you shouldn’t notice a scent from your septic tank. However, a sudden smell is indicative of a problem, so it’s important to contact us as soon as possible for an inspection or repair. The scents to be aware of are sulfur, rotten eggs and excrement. Although unpleasant, it has the benefit of being hard to misplace.

Depending on the construction material, you can expect your septic tank to last between 10-40 years. If maintained and pumped regularly, you can extend its longevity by a considerable margin. However, it will naturally deteriorate with time, especially if it has suffered damage or clogs. If you’re in doubt, contact us for more information or to get an estimate on our services. We aspire to keep your tank in top condition.

It’s variable depending on the size of your tank and household. For larger householders, it will need pumped and emptied more frequently. Your tank may need pumped once a year or once a decade depending on the circumstances. If you’re experiencing foul odours, sewage backups or slow drains, this is indicative of a full tank that needs emptied as soon as possible.

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Contact Drain & Tank Engineering Ltd if you require maintenance, repair or emptying of septic tanks in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have, provide expert advice and arrange a visit from an engineer at a time and date to suit you.