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Tips For Keeping Your Drains Healthy This Summer

Broken drain repairs

When it comes to worrying about your drains it is common to only think of flooding during heavy rain, blockages or them freezing over in cold weather but the heat can pose its own issues. As the weather starts to get warmer and we approach the glorious summer months it’s important to take measures to look after your home or commercial building’s drainage systems.

As with most British Summers, we will no doubt see some spells of wet weather and Plymouth is no exception! This coupled with periods of high temperatures can cause some issues with your drains that may need monitoring or require one of our expert team to come and inspect.

Hot Pipes

As with most things, many sections of our drainage systems are made from plastic. Unfortunately, as this plastic heats and cools it can affect its integrity and cause cracks to start forming. This is typically only to pipework outside or exposed to the elements. The Sun’s UV light can cause the plastic to become brittle, coupled with the heat this can lead to pipes splitting and causing an unnecessary mess.

It isn’t just plastic pipework that can be affected by the heat though, often if we have particularly dry spells of weather the ground can crack which can cause undue strain and pressure on drainage pipes just under the ground.

Steps To Prevent Cracked Or Split Pipes This Summer

Unfortunately, there isn’t a great deal anyone can do to prevent pipes from becoming brittle or splitting due to the summer sun and heat. However, keep a close eye on any pipework that is above ground and fading in colour or looking particularly brittle. Look for any cracking or fractured ground as this could also be the first signs of damage to the pipework. 

Drainage repairs

Our team of highly trained professionals will be able to visit your home or property and inspect the pipes to see whether there is any damage. If so we’ll be able to rectify the issue & fix the damage before it becomes a bigger problem for you and your property.

Smelly Drains

One undesirable thing that comes with the warmer weather is that drain blockages tend to smell much faster than other seasons, and often much stronger. This can attract insects and pests to your home or workplace and can be very bad for business if it’s near a commercial building. There are a number of reasons a drain might block during the summer months such as; wet wipes and other non-flushable items being flushed down the toilets and with optimum growing conditions for plants and trees, root ingress can be caused which will interfere drastically.

Whilst we appreciate your drainage systems may not be at the forefront of your mind during the summer, it is a great time to have your drains inspected and maintained to ensure preventative measures for the harsher times of the year. This can prevent more serious problems from arising later down the line causing more damage and expense.

Drain jetting

Preventing Smelly Drains This Summer

Most of the issues we face when conducting drain repairs and drain cleaning often don’t arise from one single problem but a build up over time of blockages and other issues. This is why we suggest regular maintenance on your drains to ensure they run smoothly all seasons of the year. This may consist of regular drain cleaning and inspections to remove root ingress or damaged pipes.

Our engineers can inspect your drains to identify any issues or potential issues that may arise in the future using the very latest and best equipment available. This ensures that your drains and pipes stay in good working order during the hottest times of the year.

Looking After Your Drains

To prevent any issues with your drains as much as you can this summer there are a few steps you can take. We recommend scraping your plates thoroughly after meals to minimise the amount of food that is being put into your drainage system. Try to avoid using harsh chemicals where possible such as strong bleaches as these can damage your pipes over long periods of time and cause more issues. Avoid putting fats or oils down your sink too. If you do happen to then rinse them down with plenty of boiling hot water!

Contact Us For More Information On Drain Cleaning & Repairs

If you notice your drains are slow or you have low water pressure then please do not hesitate to contact us! The sooner we identify an issue, the better we can help and the more cost-effective it will be before it becomes more serious.

If you need our drain repair or cleaning services in an emergency in Plymouth or the surrounding areas of Devon & Cornwall, then please call us on 07597 367890.

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