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We can supply and install pump stations and grease traps in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall at competitive prices. We only supply and install equipment from leading manufacturers and all labour and equipment is backed by guarantee. To arrange an estimate for sewage pump stations and grease traps, get in touch.

Water Pump Station

Our pump stations are ideal for areas where gravity flow is low or non-existent, as it will pump the wastewater and sewage into your cesspit, septic tank or sewage treatment plant. As well as being suitable for sewage systems where gravity cannot help the waste along, a sewage pump station may be required if you extend your property.

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Water Pump Replacement

We can also replace existing pump stations with our sewage pump station replacement service. Our engineers can visit your property to assess your needs and recommend the best pump station for your requirements. To find out how we can help, please get in touch.

Grease Traps

Our engineers have extensive experience in helping a wide range of commercial and residential clients minimise the amount of grease and grime that enters their sewage treatment plant, septic tank or mains sewer connection through the installation of grease traps.

We supply and install low maintenance grease traps that are ideal for both commercial and domestic customers at competitive prices. Our drainage consultants can offer expert advice on the best type of trap for your specific circumstances. These traps have many benefits including:

  • Stops grease leaching into your sewage system.
  • Prevent fat build-up that can lead to fatbergs.
  • Avoid unnecessary blockages in your sewage treatment system due to build-up of fat particles.
  • Many models are low maintenance or ‘no-clean’.
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If you require further information or need pump station and grease traps in Plymouth, Devon or Cornwall then get in touch with the team at Drain & Tank Engineering Ltd. We offer expert advice and can help you select the best solutions to keep your septic tanks, cesspits and sewage treatment systems functioning as they should. We also provide written estimates and always aim to meet both your needs and budget.