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Drain and Tank Engineering Ltd are on stand-by to provide a fast response if you require drain repairs in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall. With extensive experience in all kinds of drainage systems, we have the knowledge and expertise to tackle broken drains in both commercial and residential properties. Our drain repair service includes pipe repairs, pipe relining, pipe excavation, trenchless moling technology and complete drain pipe replacement. All our work is fully guaranteed and completed by highly experienced and qualified drainage engineers for complete peace of mind. To arrange drain repairs in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall, call Drain & Tank Engineering Ltd for a fast response to your drainage problems.

Repairs & Restoration

Drain & Tank Engineering Ltd have many years of experience in diagnosing faulty and broken drains. Typically drains can become broken due to tree root ingress, deterioration through age, bursting due to blockages or collapsing.

Our drain repair services are thorough and our expert drainage engineers work efficiently to repair your drain pipes or sewage system quickly and while causing as little disturbance to the surrounding area as possible. Our drain repair services in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall include:

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Signs Your Drains Are Damaged

If your drains need repairing, it is likely you will notice some of the following issues with your drainage system. They include:

  • Slow flowing water through the drainage system
  • Repetitive blocking
  • Bad odours
  • Wastewater leaks
  • Tree roots growing near your drainage network
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Pipe Relining

Drain pipe relining, also known as CIPP (cured-in-place-pipe repair) or patch lining is an innovative method to repair drain pipes. Using specialist equipment, our drainage engineers feed a resin liner into the drain and attach it to the broken section. The resin liner cures in place, providing a long-lasting repair solution that can save you from having the pipe excavated and replaced.

The benefits of drain relining are extensive and include minimal disruption, no need for digging or excavation, fast repair times, long-lasting results and a cost-effective drain repair solution.

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Drain Excavation

If your drain pipes have collapsed or are damaged beyond repair, then it is likely you will require drain excavation. Drain excavation is usually a last resort where other repair techniques are not suitable. The team at Drain & Tank Engineering Ltd can excavate drains using specialist equipment including mini diggers and excavators and we will also manually dig when required to minimise disturbance to surrounding utility pipes or structures.

Once the trench has been dug, we will carefully remove the old collapsed or broken pipework and install new pipes. Following the pipe replacement, we will fill in the trench and leave the site clean and tidy. If you think you need drain excavation, then get in touch to arrange an estimate.

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Drain Repair & Restoration Service Prices

If you need drain repairs in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall, contact Drain & Tank Engineering Ltd for a fast response to your drainage problems. Our prices are competitive, and we also offer no-obligation written estimates. So, get in touch to arrange a drainage engineer for drain repairs at low prices.